Your Brain On Lyme

I am having so many troubles from my anger lately. I am so exhausted I can barely bathe and eat, yet I have this seething anger simmering over inside me.

Thankfully I belong to a secret Facebook group devoted to Lyme, and this group has been very very helpful for me since they let me join the group a few months ago,

Actually I do not know where I’d be without the information I gleaned from the group. I don’t even like Facebook but I love my Lyme group! I’ve learned so much from this amazing resource, and in the future I hope to disseminate some of the things I learned there that have helped me the most in more detail here.

I am not supposed to discuss anything anyone posts in this group outside the group, because we have “fight club” rules. What happens in fight club stays in fight club. But there are some things I learned that have been invaluable to my survival, healing and comfort here that I feel it’s my duty to share with others suffering this debilitating disease.

So I won’t mention anything more about the group, except that having a support system is important!

Tonight I came across a link to an article that really helped me make sense out of the mental and cognitive issues I have experienced more and more as my pain has almost vanished into thin air after 5 months on two antibiotics, as my psychological/neuro symptoms have manifested.

This is your brain on Lyme Disease!

Read the article here: