5 Steps To Take After a Sugar Binge

Been on a major Sugar Binge? Don’t feel bad because you can’t undo it or take back the time. You must move on and follow these five steps to heal.

Here is what you need to do immediately:


  1. Accept that you ate too much sugar.  Then move on. You’re not a bad person. You’re trying not to eat sugar, but sugar is highly addictive and the high can take over your mind and cause you to have poor judgement, and make impulsive self destructive choices. Old habits can be hard to break.
  2. Go for a walk, if your health permits.  Walking helps to regulate blood sugar. It also helps anxiety which can happen after a sugar binge. Even 10-15 minutes is enough to start burning off that excess insulin.  If possible 30 to 60 minutes is going to help even more. Do this every 4-8 hours to level out blood sugar.
  3. Give your digestive tract a break. Eat organic whole unprocessed wild fish, or pasture raised organic meats with lots of organic vegetables that are high in vitamins and fiber. Drink a lot of water for 24 hours after a sugar binge. Fasting or other extremes only mess up your metabolism more!
  4. Throw away the uneaten portion of ice cream, cake cookies or whatever you have that can lead to more sugar ingestion. Do not bring any bad or unhealthy foods into your home.
  5. Eat for your health, not for your brain. You can’t put soda in your car instead of gas, so don’t put foods that have no health benefit into your body.

A few more tips:

Don’t look to your friends and family to support you on your journey to better health after a sugar binge, you must find the strength within yourself to respect your body and treat it right. It’s your life.

After a sugar binge, detox and pampering will be healing to your soul. Go to a meditative place, visit the spa and take saunas and steam baths to help your body clear toxins, or take a hot epsom salts bath, get a lymphatic drainage massage.