My Lyme Journey – Part 2: The Fatigue

Part 2 of an ongoing series about my journey with Lyme Disease.

After recovering from the horrible strange summer flu that I wrote about in my first post in this series,  I thought my life was back to normal again. Little did I know that it was just the beginning of a long-lasting debilitating illness that would wreck my life.

The summer flu had lasted for 5 days in July 2014. As the end of the 2014 approached,  I started to realize that I had this terrible fatigue which would come and go. I could not figure out what was wrong.

By the end of 2014 the consulting business I had started in 2010 was finally taking off and I picked up some new clients who kept me busy, and I was still doing tutoring and training on the side. The busier I became, the more tired I got. Something just did not feel right. But I kept blustering on hoping it would go away.

In spring of 2015 I mentioned the strange flu I had and the resulting fatigue I was experiencing to a holistic Dr who I have visited twice a year since 2005 to renew my bio-identical thyroid meds. The dr asked me to take some blood tests.  The blood tests all came back perfect though, and didn’t show any illness.

In the meantime my business kept growing and I was busy with new clients, and I learned to schedule light days and breaks in between strenuous days to manage my fatigue. No matter how tired I got, I still went on long hikes every day.

The one constant thing throughout the past three years of suffering is that walking always made me feel better. I may not have the stamina and energy needed anymore to go up the steep three-mile long hill to my favorite overlook above the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, but to this day I still try to take at least one walk every day. I intend to never quit walking and enjoying nature. It’s healing for me. I always feel better after spending time in nature, but I do find it ironic this could most likely be the way I became infected in the first place.

There is really no way of knowing, I never heard of Lyme disease or anything about tic borne illnesses before.



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Do you know a “Lymie” or are you sick with Lyme Disease or a co-infection? Then you know that this disease really sucks! Comments and feedback are welcome below!


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