My Lyme Disease Journey – Part 1: Summer Flu

The first installment of my multiple part story about Lyme disease begins in July 2014…

It was July 2014, a week after the July 4 holiday. It was a beautiful summer afternoon and I decided to walk a few blocks from my home office to the Fed-Ex store to drop off a package of documents I was sending to a client. The parking lot there was always crowded and stressful but it was close enough and I love walking, so I usually walked there.

Right when I walked in the door I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. The  air inside was cool, yet I broke out into a cold clammy sweat standing in line. I started getting nauseous and queasy and my knees felt weak. I finally got to the front of the line, handed my package to the cashier and staggered home with my stomach in knots.

The second I made it in my front door, I had an awful feeling that I was getting very very sick. I  spent the next two hours on the toilet vomiting and having extreme diarrhea and i went to bed.

Within an hour of the first symptoms my fever went up to 102-103 and it did not break for five days. The whole five days I had this “summer flu”, I had horrible fatigue and an awful throbbing headache. I had the most awful aching pains in my upper and lower leg bones, it felt like my bones were being crushed by a steamroller! I could not get comfortable, nothing helped. It was miserable.

During the five days that I was sick, I could not eat or keep any food down. I felt so awful and was delirious with the fever. All I could do was lay in bed or on the couch crying from the severe pain in my legs. I thought maybe I had a tropical flu, because my leg pain sounded like descriptions I found online of Dengue Fever. On the sixth day, my fever broke and my leg pain and digestive issues subsided, though I was still very weak.

It took another week to fully recover and resume my schedule. After this strange illness passed, over the following 2 years I started to experience severe fatigue which became worse with time.

Had I googled “Summer flu” I may have seen some links suggesting a summer flu may be more suspect. A summer flu may actually be lyme disease. The flu doesn’t go around in summer like it does in winter months.  I didn’t know anything about Lyme disease back then though!

I was about 51 years old when I had this strange flu, and although I had experienced chronic fatigue 15 years ago, recently I had been in very good health. Besides having a low thyroid which I have managed with bio-identical hormones, diet and exercise for the past two decades, I was productive and successful in my work, and felt like nothing could keep me from reaching my goals.

I was happy, healthy and in great shape. I loved to exercise and do yoga. For the past 15 years, I hiked five miles or more almost every day. I eat an extremely healthy diet too.

After a week, I thought I had recovered from the strange mystery flu. I never gave this flu a second thought until three years later in 2017 when I became extremely ill with unmistakable symptoms of Lyme disease.

Little did I know that I’d be in so much pain that my world would be turned completely upside down, and I would never be the same again.

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Are you suffering from Lyme or does someone you know have this awful disease? I’d love to read your comments/feedback below.

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