LA County Locations of Lyme Positive Ticks

LA County Lyme Tick SitesLos Angeles County Vector Control shows a map on their website indicating the locations of where Black Legged Ticks positive for Lyme Disease have been found in LA County, from 2015 to 2017.

Having hiked several of these trails over the past 20 years I find this chilling, considering my suffering and symptoms over the past 13 months point to nothing else but a classic raging case of Lyme Disease.

Is one of these places where I got it? I’ll most likely never know.

One thing I do know is that other bugs can spread Lyme besides a tick, because I never had a tick on me ever. But I did get a lot of mosquito and spider bites right before my first pains started…

No one ever told me I could get this awful debilitating disease while hiking. I really do not comprehend how come it’s not on big warning signs in the Santa Monica Mountains or any of the other popular hiking spots in SoCal, the same way they post big signs saying “Beware of Mountain Lion”  or “Beware of Rattlesnake”.

I sure wish I had known, perhaps I could have saved myself before Lyme spirochetes and Bartonella burrowed into my central nervous system. It’s making me crazy.

I still hike almost every day. It is the glue holding me together. These days I stay off of the overgrown single track trails I used to favor, and I stick to the wide fire roads. I always feel better after I go for a walk, but when I don’t feel well, I have to make myself go.

Click the map above to see the whole picture on LA County Vector Control’s website.

Link to LA County Vector Control’s Tick Borne Illness page: LA county Vector Control Map of Lyme Positive Ticks