Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

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New Brands Round-Up #1 – Go Paleo Keto or Sugar Free

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a skull on a spoon made from sugar to represent how it affects the human body

Everyone knows Sugar is bad because it causes inflammation and disease. Maybe you aren’t aware it’s in most processed and fast foods, but sugar is also hiding in tons of other foods that you wouldn’t expect.

You may resist and cling to your old sugar eating habits like Rose clung on top of that floating door after the Titanic sunk, but there are ways to get it out of your diet without missing that stuff.

Check out these four newer brands of sugar & gluten free foods that my friend paid a expensive nutritionist to tell him about when he had bad stomach issues –  and they helped me on my own sugar and grain-free diet journey, because they are delicious:

1. Simple Mills cookies, bread, pancake, cupcake mixes (check out their amazing recipe section!):

2. Siete Foods Cashew or Almond tortillas, Salsas, dips, the Almond tortillas made me forget about bread and they’re creating a lot of exciting new products lately too:

3. Primal Kitchen sauces, dressings, mayo, they use avocado oil in a lot of their dressing, plus they have a few different versions (Carolina style or Classic) of barbecue sauce with tons of flavor and NO sugar, it’s all delicious:

4. Ancient Harvest POW Lentil pasta – makes a mean pasta dish with protein and fiber and no carbs:

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