Feeling Better Every Day – Four Things That Worked

OMG!!! I wanted to post a quick update, that I feel so much better than when I started writing about my experience with Lyme a few months ago. I sure don’t feel normal, but I am definitely seeing and feeling improvement (especially with cognitive and neurological symptoms) compared to a few months ago.

I am still working on the next chapter in my series I’ve written about my experience with this strange, awful disease, and I will go into more detail in the next installment. I never even wrote about my worst moments yet, but that’s coming soon.

What I think helped the most was taking two antibiotics for six months in a row. That got the parasite load down to a level my own immune system can manage. Though I suffered new, horrible pains up until the last week of the 5th month on antibiotics (and I often wondered if they were working), I did not have any pains during the last four weeks that I was on them. Being pain free for the first time in a year was incredible, but then my stomach started to hurt so i had to stop the antibiotics about four weeks ago.

The second most helpful thing I did was to let myself rest. I gave myself a break. Actually, I had no choice because my mind was so crippled for a few months I thought I may need to apply for permanent disability.

I am self-employed and live alone and last year I was just starting to see my business become successful. Then I can’t work at all a few months later, It’s been brutal and frustrating.

I have spent my meager savings because for a few months I simply could not function much less work. There were many days I stayed in bed because I was so exhausted and in so much pain I could not move.

I am struggling so hard to get back on my feet right now and the financial hardship is significantly affecting me too now. I still can not work full time, I can do 4-6 hours a day and then crash.

The Third most helpful thing was joining a Lyme support group, where I could share my symptoms and learn from other Lyme warriors, that helped me immeasurably. I learned to Detox, detox detox!

Here is one thing that helped me when I was so nauseous, felt sick and tired all the time, Alka Seltzer Gold. I learned about it on my support group page. It HAS to be the GOLD version, no other Alka Seltzer is known for having the same effect for herxes as the AS Gold. It provides AMAZING relief for Lyme herxes, I don’t know how it works but it’s a miracle!

The GOLD Alka-Seltzer is not available everywhere, but you can order it on Amazon:

TRY IT! It really helped me.


The Fourth most helpful thing was going for a walk in nature every day, whether I felt like it or not. Mostly I did not feel like going but I went and after a hafl hour I never wanted to stop walking! I felt better and slept better.

Though I’m on a limited budget, no resources, alone, these four basic things things helped me. I could not afford the expensive treatments my LLMD told me to do, I could barely afford the LLMD visits alone! Insurance would not cover one penny.

It’s been one hell of a rough year, I can not believe what I have been through and I am almost surprised I am still here.