How to Eliminate Hidden Sugar from your Diet

Beware of hidden sugar because it is everywhere. The human body can not thrive when you feed it sugar.

Sugar causes inflammation. Reduce your sugar intake to manage inflammation. Inflammation is the mother of all illness.

Sugar is just like a drug – it turns on neurotransmitters in your brain responsible for pleasure.

The same neurotransmitters are also made naturally by exercising.

Walking is an amazing stress reliever. Don’t eat refined sugar, go for a walk instead.

Restaurants use sugar to help brown meats, to make soup taste better, and even supposedly “healthy” restaurants are guilty of adding sugar to everything on their menu.
When you eat starchy foods like French fries and bread, it all turns into sugar and makes you want to eat more bad foods.
What can you do? You must avoid sugar. This limits your options – you can’t eat fast food, and most casual dining places have tons of added sugar in everything from main dishes to salads to soups, in addition to unhealthy gluten and sugar laden sweets and excessively sweetened drinks.

Good restaurants use fresh ingredients and don’t need to mask their food’s flavor with copious amounts of added sugar.

Ask questions. Read the ingredient list. Be proactive that you don’t want sugar added to your food.
Just because it has “Veggie” in the name, does NOT mean this it is Healthy, their whole menu is full of dishes that all have added sugar, that are not healthy!