Your Brain On Lyme

I am having troubles from my anger lately. So sick and slow and exhausted I can barely bathe and eat, yet I have this seething anger simmering over inside me.

Thankfully I belong to a secret Facebook group devoted to Lyme; from this resource I have learned so much about managing my pain and symptoms that I don’t know where I’d be today without this amazing resource. Maybe dead or in a mental institution?

Rolling Stone on Lyme Disease

Yesterday Rolling Stone Magazine published an article about Lyme disease. This is one of the more accurate mainstream media articles I’ve seen on Lyme disease. It describes the history and background of the disease. Maybe it’s just me, but I…

How to Eliminate Hidden Sugar from your Diet

Beware of hidden sugar because it is everywhere. The human body can not thrive when you feed it sugar. Sugar causes inflammation. Reduce your sugar intake to manage inflammation. Inflammation is the mother of all illness. Sugar is just like…